Google Webmaster Help on Youtube

Gotta love the Internet, there seams to be a surprise around every corner.  I just discovered a nice little gem, short informative videos on good SEO information.  Check out the Google Webmaster Central on Youtube.  Here’s a couple examples:

Can I publish more than 100 pages at once or will I get penalized?


Is Google putting more weight on brands in rankings?


Is excessive whitespace in the HTML source bad?


Matt Cutts Discusses Webmaster Tools

Mostly about the URL Removal tool and an in depth discussion on the different techniques you can use to prevent certain pages …

Basic Website Tips :: Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a very simple file with 2 purposes in life.  It tells Search Engines what directories they may and may not go through and it can tell Search Engines where your sitemap(s) file is located. The importance of a robots.txt file comes into play more for sites that have an administrative backend or folders that search engines don’t need indexed (or you don’t want indexed for whatever reason). This file is called robots for the mere reason that the Search Engines use what are called robots to look at your site, not so much in the mechanical sense, but …

Basic Website Tips :: tools for XML Sitemaps

Giving Google a walk-through tour

In my mind there are 2 types of sitemaps for a website.  One is more HTML based, a page that displays the different pages you have to your site consumers.  The Other sitemap is XML and is designed to tell Search Engines the pages on your site.  Both types of sitemaps can be generated dynamically or written by hand.  You can learn quite a bit at:

If you are running a WordPress blog there is a plug-in I highly recommend called “Google XML Sitemaps Generator“.  This plug-in takes a lot of the …